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Abhyasa English School for An All-Round Development of Your Child

ABOUT OUR journey

Making our school rank as the best school is not the work of one day. It took years of thinking, perseverance and great deal of effort of our teachers and the staff. The inspiration behind the school is our late President, Mr. J.D. Patil Sangludkar and his wife, late Mrs. Kokilabai J. Patil Sangludkar, who had the vision of establishing this institute to shape up the future minds. They strived hard to set up this institution and bring it to this position. Their ideologies and principles have always guided us and will remain a strong support to all of us. Their efforts have made our educational journey an enriching experience. Their efforts have given the future generations a school of high standard and values. The late J.D. Patil Sangludkar Smruti Kendra is an established society which takes care of the providing quality education with modern facilities with special emphasis on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Today as we stand here as one of the top CBSE school in Amravati we can talk of the state of art building, the infrastructure and the academic environment. You can feel the grandeur of nature in the lap of lush green gardens. Our proven good academic record, and overall development of studies is the key to success. With balanced focus of sports and academics we aim to give our children the best to become proud Indians. It is not meant to stop at this point but move on to the newer generation of students who are yet to learn the right way of life and achieve a good name in the crowd.


Our vision is based on the ideologies of our founder, late Mr. J.D. Patil Sangludkar who had a progressive thought for the children. He taught us to be progressive trailblazer educationists to bring out the talents of our students, to empower them and motivate them to face the challenges of future. Abhyasa is one of the top-ranking schools in Amravati because of the good academics of the students and sincere staff who strive hard to give shape to their talents.

Education aims at enhancing the child’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual personality. It is how we progress with widening of a mind. Education and the right to acquire it uniquely belongs to every child, and education leads to satisfaction and success in individual living as also collective living, socially, nationally and internationally. We aim to impart education that transcends the frontiers of formal education. It is, in fact, a preparation for learning all about life and living. We bring to the children a platform to congregate, compete and conquer the world with their own calibre.


Our mission is to facilitate the complete development of all children in a safe environment, to enable every child to develop into a confident, free-thinking global citizen. We seek to empower each student to utilize their potential in their endeavours and inculcate the values of humility, perseverance, honesty, sense of responsibility and legacy.

The true essence of education is to prepare you for life and it does not lie within the confines of academics and extra-curricular activities merely. We look forward to bring about emotional and spiritual development through a strong value system that has been incorporated in their curriculum. If we can instil the human values in children, we can surely enrich their process of growing up.

We want to prepare your child to walk with a rapidly changing world by nurturing their inquisitiveness and giving a novel thinking direction with a respect for the Indian culture and our values and an insight into the global perspective.


Abhyasa, one of the best educational institutions at Amravati owes its reputation to an efficient team which takes care of the administration of the school

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Kanchanmala Patil

all cbse school name in amravati


Kulbhushan Gawande

all cbse school name in amravati

Executive Director

Ms. Raisa Gawande